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Station Salon was a great project, the owner, Dana and I were on the same page right from the get-go. She already had colors she wanted to use which have a very beachy boho feel since her salon location is just blocks from the beach and right on Hwy 101 in the heart of Encinitas, CA. She wanted something that integrated the two "S"'s and had a ying-yang kind of balance to it. So I went to work and came up with several sketch ideas for her. After showing her what I had come up with, she picked this logo right off the bat so I took it into Adobe Illustrator and finished it up. Just a bit of imagery you get out of this logo includes the two "S"'s, the ying-yang symbol of balance is prominent in the piece, you also can see a highway down the middle of the logo since the salon is right on Hwy 101. You also get a hint of a hair wave, and if you really stretch your imagination to the limits, you can see two Koi fish swimming in a circle smiling. Anyways, she was really happy with the results and I look forward to partnering with Dana on several future projects she has in store.

Station Salon Logo Variations-02.jpg
Station Salon Logo Variations-04.jpg
Station Salon Logo Variations-03.jpg
Station Sign.jpg
DD-Nav Icons-01.png
DD-Nav Icons-03.png
DD-Nav Icons-02.png
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