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Ryan Lester, the president of Keen Concrete, wanted to take his company up a notch and approached us to create a visual identity that looked a little more professional and polished. We were happy to take on the challenge and help Ryan create a new foundation for Keen Concrete.

The Challenge:

Design a logo that still reflected the companies branding they already had intact, but make it look a bit more modern and on the level with other construction companies that are prominent in the North County San Diego area.

The Solution:

Using the logo he already had in place, I would balance the logo out by making the "KC" bolder and evening out the aesthetics of the logo. Create two different logo options so it could be utilized in a horizontal or vertical disposition. Change the color from black to a charcoal to better represent concrete and compliment the orange.

Scope of Work:

  • Logo Development

  • Visual Identity

  • Stationery

  • Signage

  • Apparel

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Let’s be honest, logo’s and rebranding for a company is not something a small business owner has any time or resources for and my case is no different. Fortunately however, I was referred to Dohm Design and to put it simply, this was the best investment I have made in our company since opening our doors less than 4 years ago! I had a very simple logo to get the company started with; however, as we have grown over the last couple years, we definitely needed a revamp with our logo and branding. Within hours of reaching out to Aric, I had already received a branding proposal with some ideas and I was completely sold. To put it simply, Dohm Design Company was a breath of fresh air and has really transformed the appearance and brand of our company. We look forward to working with him for many years to come with many more refreshing designs and ideas!

-Ryan Lester

President Keen Concrete

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