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Annette La Fontaine is a sports massage therapist located in Leucadia, California. She came to me looking to set herself apart from other massage therapy companies in the surrounding area with a personal visual identity system. She chose the name Mauka Makai for the Hawaiian meaning behind it, "Mauka" meaning "of the ocean" and "Makai" means "of the mountains". I really wanted the logo to represent a mash-up of those two words  so after a few sessions of sketches and variations, I came up with something that has balance loosely based off the yin-yang symbol and how it represents balance and the location icon used in online maps representing that she is on the move. The prominent parts of the logo clearly depict a wave for the ocean and the upper part of the logo representing the mountain.


Logo Design

Vehicle Graphics


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"Rebranding was an overwhelming project for me.  I really had no idea where to start.  My first step was to schedule a meeting with Aric and I am so glad I did.  His process allowed for concepts to take shape and gave direction to the project.  One of the hardest decisions I had to make in this rebranding process was which logo to choose.  Aric sent me three options and I seriously loved each one! Aric also has many creative ideas and amazing contacts to complete implementing the rebrand process.  I so highly recommend Aric.  Plus, he's  a super cool dude!"

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