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Just about anyone can design a logo. Whether it works for your company is another story. A sole purpose for a logo is to identify, and that's it. A good logo with the potential of becoming an iconic logo has to be simple, scalable, relevant, distinctive, and timeless.



When designing a logo, a few factors come into play. A logo needs to be simple, it needs to be identifiable and it needs to be scalable so it can easily be identified when it’s as big as a billboard, or as small as a stamp. I often use the “shoe store” analogy to help clients understand what a logo and brand identity does. Imagine you just walked into a shoe store and you glance at the wall of shoes, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, but you immediately know what shoes are Nike, Adidas, DC, or Vans. Their logos are very simple, but so very powerful. Just from that initial glance, you’ve identified their brand and may remember a feeling you had wearing a pair of shoes that are similar to the ones you see on the wall, and it may drive you to buy their brand again...and again...and again. You get the picture. That is what you want your logo and brand identity to do. You want it to create a feeling for your customer that your brand is built on. Most logos are nothing special, the Nike “swoosh” is just a swoosh. It has no meaning, it has nothing to do with shoes or apparel, it is just a swoosh until you create memories, feelings and ideals around that image. Over time, that swoosh has created those ideals and a sense of belonging to a community for millions for people when they see that logo. If you are looking for help with your design, redesign or refinement of your current logo and visual identity, please give us a call, We'd be happy to help you on your journey.

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