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Hanil Eco Solutions has proprietary technology that extracts all the plastics from household consumer appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. There are 7 types of plastic in the recycling industry and to date only 3 are commercially recycled. Because of Hanil’s proprietary technology and equipment, they can focus on all the 7 types of plastics. The company in Korea is currently focused on the PP, PS and ABS plastics exclusively used in appliances and some E-waste products. The plastics are then reproduced into clean safe secondary recycled plastic that can be used to re-make other appliances. The operations are based south of Seoul and near the Port of Busan in Gyeongsangnam-do and they have recently begun operations at their new facility based in Santa Ana, California. It is the second largest recycling company of its kind in S.Korea.

Dark Green

Hex: #153D1F


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Hex: #589843 PANTONE®: 362 C


Hex: #F6921E PANTONE®: 1495 C

Green Pellet Background.jpg
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