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A close friend of mine had a vision to create an all women motor sports clothing line based on his and his daughters passion for motocross, race cars and everything else that has a motor and goes really fast. He wanted to create a company that he could get going, grow and eventually leave to his daughter as she gets older and is ready to take the helm. I knew this would be a fun project.

The Challenge:

Come up with a visual identity that has a feminine touch in a male dominated sport without losing the motorsports aggressive look and feel.

The Process:

I began this process by writing down “fast” and “girls” into my Field Notes memo book and started to word map ideas that seemed similar and familiar to the respective words. Words like speed, velocity, odometer and redline came to mind when I started sketching out ideas that could incorporate these words. Many different ideas flowed through that Field Notes book along with several sheets of large graph paper. My head felt pretty empty by the time I had all my ideas down on paper. Kind of like those late nights studying for an exam and your brain feels like the plate of Jello. After assessing all my chicken scratches, I had a few pieces that would really work for this project. But one stood out more than the others...

The Solution:

Keep everything big and bold with the main logo and integrate a softer cursive style writing to accompany the logo and give it a softer more feminine touch. To further communicate that the company is targeting a female demographic, we also used bright pink so it stays loud and stands out in a lineup of other motorsports logos when it is presented on marketing materials.

Scope of Work:

  • Logo Design

  • Branding and Identity Design

  • Graphic Design for Apparel

  • Catalog and Brochure Layout

  • Social Media Blast Graphics

  • Vehicle and Tent Design

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This is a logo that will become a beacon for women in all motor and action sports that they can get behind and have a voice in their respective sport saying, “We have an edge, we are not all Hello Kitty cutesy, we bleed the same color blood the boys do!” yet this icon still maintains recognizability as a female driven company. I look forward to seeing how far Bear and his daughter take this company, I feel happy knowing that I helped them create the face of their new venture together.

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